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starstarstarstarstar Jérôme :
“As part of the preparations for a regional seminar on foodstuff storage in West Africa, I called on Fretrad to translate several texts from ...”
starstarstarstarstar Silvia :
“I am a project coordinator at the NGO MAD África. Thanks to Fabien, we were able to produce a joint publication by students at the Universi...”
starstarstarstarstar Sophie Dupraz :
“We collaborated with Fabien to translate our initiatives-sheets and we were very pleased with the result. He’s very professional and effic...”
starstarstarstarstar Itzíar :
“I was the coordinator of a research program in the sector of development cooperation and for two years we counted on Fabien’s excellent Sp...”
starstarstarstarstar Megane :
“We hired FreTrad to translate our website from French to English and Spanish. We are delighted with the result. Indeed, in addition to being...”
starstarstarstarstar Adriana :
“I'm a professor at the University of Seville and I've turned to Fabien for Spanish to French translations and services on multiple occasions...”
starstarstarstarstar André Lavignotte :
“I would like to extend the warmest thanks to Eleanor and Fabien, who translated my work for a presentation I was giving on the Asian hornet....”
starstarstarstarstar Isaac Díaz :
“I had the opportunity to work with Mara Davila on the translation into English of some educational science videos and the experience was ext...”